At Concordia University’s Civic Gaming Project, we ask whether video games can be useful tools for citizenship education. To do this, we conduct research on games that simulate political and environmental challenges like nuclear proliferation, climate change, and water scarcity. We work to assess whether these games are capable of building knowledge, catalyzing critical reflection, and stimulating attitude change.

Our interdisciplinary team, led by Dr. David Waddington, brings together a variety of methods and expertise that allow for empirical investigation of the impact of video games as well as theoretical analysis of games. Through case studies, experiments, interviews, and conceptual analysis, we try to get to understand how games can impact citizenship, for better or for worse.

Many of the initiatives that comprise the project are now complete, while others are ongoing. Please feel free to visit the Research page to see the status of all our initiatives and to download our articles. Your questions, critiques, and comments are welcome, and we hope that our work proves to be of use to you.